Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale Forest

Nshongi Safari Tours & Travel Ltd., founded in 2012, is a locally owned tour and travel company in Uganda that organizes exceptional safaris within Uganda and Rwanda with experienced tour guides.

We derived our name “Nshongi” from the word ‘Omushogi Gwoboki’ a local word in Rukiga one of the local dialects meaning ‘honey’ and referred to the deep color of the River.

We ensure that we offer quality and unforgettable experiences in all our itineraries with clients’ budgets and preferences in mind.   We very passionate about our culture which we are so proud to share with our clients in most of our programs.
We are an eco-friendly company hence ensure to maintain and preserve nature.

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Our mission is to build a respected, sustainable and all-embracing brand name that attracts the trust and confidence of clients; ensuring that each tourist maximizes the benefit of every single coin spent.


To give tourism a new face by providing an affordable life changing experience while showcasing Uganda as the ultimate tourist destination.


  • Honesty,
  • Care,
  • Professionalism
  • Dedication to serve.

Our Objectives

  1. Ensure first class service to our clients and other stakeholders
  2. To promote tourism by adopting such means desirable and necessary to attract tourists in large numbers
  3. Organize and conduct all-inclusive tours whenever and wherever our clients may want to go
  4. Ensure comfort of tourists from the time they arrive throughout their stay until their departure
  5. To build networks that will broaden our client base through partnerships and information sharing.
  6. Ensure sustainability through community development and maintaining links with other tour companies and tourism bodies within and outside Uganda.

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