Small Species

Uganda Has a wide variety of small animalls for interest. One of these animals include the Banded mongoose.

Banded mongooses popularly known as “Obutulume” in luganda are small carnivores, no more than 12 to 16 inches long and weighing three to five pounds. Similar in look to a weasel or cat, mongooses have brown and gray fur. Unlike other mongoose species, banded mongooses have dark bands across their backs, for which they are named. They have five digits on their front paws but only four on their back feet. Also, they have non-retractable claws used for digging.  The average expected lifespan for adults is just over three years, but some individuals live to the grand old age of 13.

 In Uganda the mongoose can easily be traced in the Queen Elizabeth National Park found on the western terrain of the country, which also joins up into Lake Edward one of the great lakes separating Uganda from neighboring  R.D Congo, and is overlooked to the north by the snow capped Rwenzori mountains. The park which is run by the Uganda Wildlife Authority also encompasses a wide range of habitats including open savannah, vast crater lakes, swamps and extensive areas of forest. 

As carnivores, mongooses eat small vertebrates like birds, snakes and rats, but also feed on invertebrates like millipedes and beetles. They are also notorious for steal reptile and bird eats from wherever they come across them, and also eating fallen fruit.

Banded mongooses are highly social animals living in packs of up to 50individuals even though it is those packs of lesser numbers of between 10-20 animals that are commonly seen. When threaten or attacked the mongooses are highly dangerous as they defend themselves in groups. The always moved together and always defend their young and elderly. These creatures seldom stay in the same habitat for more than a week and when during migration they all move together to increase their defensive ability against potential attackers especially predators. The good news is that these creatures are in no threat of extinction as they are widely covering most parts of the country.

The snake village

The snake village in Uganda is found on Entebbe road on is one of the very few places where you can find the various types of snakes. Though snakes are generally thought to be man’s greatest enemy and basically a threat to mortality, there are various kinds of snakes, in fact some of them non- venomous. Venomous snakes use their fangs in their mouths to either kill or immobilize their prey.  The snake uses venom and modified saliva to achieve this. There are venomous snakes in every family of snakes.