Uganda is endowed with various tourist sites scattered all around the country providing beautiful scenery of the country. The vegetation of the country is mainly green and fertile ranging from short to long vegetation. Gifted by nature is the country Uganda, also referred to as the pearl of Africa. The small landlocked East African country is home to various beautiful attractions in form of plants, birds and animals. What the country may have suffered as landlocked is compensated by the beautiful sceneries that keep the eye occupied for their entire time as long as foot is set in Uganda. The nature of Uganda’s natural endowment is indescribable as it is what would be term as a one of a kind. The mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, hot springs and other endowments all deserve mention.  

The temperature is warm and bearable making it convenient to visit the best views all year round, viewing sunsets, landscapes of low and high raise areas and canopies for hilly and mountainous places throughout East Africa.