Mount Tororo

The rock is situated approximately 5 kilometers southeast of the central business district of the town. Tororo Rock is visible from anywhere in Tororo District. There is saying in Tororo: "The Eiffel Tower is to Paris as the magnificent Tororo Rock is to Tororo District. The rock is a major tourist attraction.

The highest altitude of Tororo Rock is 4,865 feet (1,483 m) with a gradient of about 0.75 from the east to the west. On the rock's slopes are ancestral caves and various rock paintings. The elevation of Tororo Town is 3,888 feet (1,185 m). Therefore Tororo Rock towers 977 feet (298 m) above downtown Tororo.
Tororo Rock is a vegetation-covered volcanic plug that juts out proudly from a flat plain that is the site of Tororo Municipality. Jugged rocks protrude from any surface that is not covered by foliage.

The climb is recommended for those who love challenges. The climb lasts approximately fort-five minutes to an hour. It could take longer, however, depending on one’s fortitude. This is because air is quite thin at high altitudes and this can cause shortness of breath and nausea. Take the well formed path from the foot of the Rock, through the bush, shrub and trees growing on the Rock. The path becomes stony towards the top, so trainers and heavily treaded tough shoes are a must.Towards the top, where the Rock is very steep, are iron ladders fixed onto the Rock to enable climbers get to the top without having to use ropes.

Have a picnic at the top of the Rock and take pictures of the panoramic view of the municipality and the surroundings from there. Packed lunch is recommended; with lots of water and fruit juice for the climb. Paint your name at the summit and let others know that you too made it there. The summit is thick with bush. There are some caves there as well. There is also some kind of electricity or television installation there. Although I would not climb again, I do not regret having done so.

Tororo is a small, sleepy municipality in Eastern Uganda, two and a half hours’ drive from Kampala. Almost derelict now, it used to be a hive of activity as a railway town, in its prime. Situated on gently undulating, but otherwise flat ground, its serene and beautiful country surroundings are ideal for rambling. Cycling is also recommended.

See the extinct volcanic plug that is Tororo Rock and the beautiful and scenic savannah and shrub-covered Sukuru Hills, where limestone is mined. And, depending on one’s cycling abilities, go as far as Busitema, fourteen miles away on the Tororo-Jinja highway. There is a forest reserve there, with plenty of wildlife.

Naughty monkeys live there. The monkeys have been known to, among other things, snatch newspapers away from pedestrians and tease women. It is also advisable to keep close to the open grassland area near the university, as the reserve is said to house some fierce man-eating leopards and even lions.See the extinct volcanic plug that is Tororo Rock and the beautiful and scenic savannah and shrub-covered Sukuru Hills, where limestone is mined.