Kampala City

Kampala is the capital of Uganda in East Africa and is the epitome of modern life in the country. Kampala is both the economic and administrative city of the country popularly known as the city of seven hills Kampala is surrounded by seven upland areas like Rubaga, Mengo, Kibuli, Nsambya, Makerere, Naguru where the middle class and rich Ugandans are said to reside. Downtown, the city is crowded and littered with slums even in the middle of city itself vibrant with activity and people. The ‘Old taxi Park’ and Owino Market are a unique attraction away from the quite of the West. The key element however about the city is that the people are very friendly and think that every Whiteman is English.

It is a common scenario where the locals refer to the whites as “Bazungu”.   This derives its roots from the luganda word “Luzungu” which is another meaning for English. The life of the city has a great influence on the rest of the country’s way of life, as most decisions taken in the country are largely dependent on it. The most common language used around the city is luganda though one can survive if they can speak even the basic of the English language.

Basic Facts about Kampala

Over 1 million people live in Kampala making it Uganda's largest city. Kampala was the capital of the Buganda Kingdom several hundred years ago. Today, Kampala is a modern looking city, with outlying townships spreading far beyond the original "seven hills" the city was built upon. Many of Kampala's more modern buildings were built in the 1980's since the city suffered significant destruction during the "Liberation War" between Tanzania and Uganda in the late 1970's. The war fought to oust the brutal dictators, Obote and Idi Amin who was in power around that time.
Kampala is built close to the shores of Lake Victoria, the world's second largest fresh water lake and the source of Nile River. English, Swahili and Luganda are the predominant languages spoken in the streets of Kampala.

Life in the City

With a multitude of cultures, it is difficult to single out one culture that is distinctively followed by all the people living in the city, but it is true for one to say that life in the city is a fusion of many cultures with a bias or major influence coming from the western world. It is a familiar occurrence to find the people of the city breaking all rules of life to try and live like they are in Europe or the US. Kampala city is a crowded place for all sorts of fading western world musicians and others from Jamaica who come to entertain the ever vibrant Ugandan city dwellers. There are also local artists on show, so you can be sure to catch them at the various hangout spots in the city and in the neighboring suburbs. There are also other small groups that do great live performances but most of these are gospel oriented. You can also catch up with the various theme nights on menu at the various hangout joints, from Jazz at the cultural centre and top hotels, to local and variety evenings spread throughout the city. You can only be dreaming to say that you are going to find Kampala city a boring place when you visit. Social and hospitable people crowd the city and everyone who gets there is family even for just a night spent in the country. 

Apart from being smaller, other major towns spread throught the nation will give you an experience of Hospitable people and 'urban-local' culture of town life in Uganda.