About uganda

Uganda is a beautiful country found in East Africa and borders Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda. Though landlocked, Uganda is in the heart of the Great Lakes region, and is surrounded by Lake Edward, Lake Albert and Lake Victoria. The country is mostly plateau with a rim of mountains, and has a tropical climate. The capital city is Kampala.

Located astride the Equator, Uganda is a destination with astounding beauty, diverse wildlife, amazing natural tourist destination and hospitable people. It is humanly impossible for  someone over the space of ten days, to visit the endangered mountain gorillas and chimpanzees, navigate the waterways in search of the elusive shoebill stork, hippo’s and elephants, explore the savannah grasslands teaming with thousands of mammals including the legendary tree-climbing lions, look out for birds that are over 1046 recorded species and marvel at the source of the longest river in the world, the River Nile but all this is offered by the Uganda tourism industry . Uganda offers an amazing opportunity for one to see all these unique treasures. Contrary to the popular notion of “A home away from home”, Uganda is “A place to wish was home” for all tourists.