Uganda is great safari destinations for Mountain Hiking, matter of fact- one of the best .  It is a unique destination for hikers who are interested in climbing and trekking over small hills, medium sized and high mountains. Nshongi Tours offers you a better way to experience Uganda by joining one of the guided hiking holidays.

Hiking the snow capped Rwenzori is one of the most interesting adventures in Uganda. Famed in ancient times as the mountains of the moon, running along the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Rwenzori Mountains have now been developed and opened to travelers interested in mountain climbing. Well-known for its stupendous mountain scenery, traversing up through bamboo forests into the mighty amphitheater of the Margherita Peak is a "once-in-a-lifetime" experience that cannot be easily attained elsewhere in Africa. The Rwenzoris offer some exceptional walking to both trekkers at lower altitudes as well as mountaineers who would like to meet the challenge of ascending to the glacial peaks of over 5100 meters.

In the eastern part of Uganda, Mt. Elgon with its caldera is quite another interesting mountain hiking destination. Simply the oldest solitary volcano mountain in east Africa, the Elgon Mountain covers up to 3500 square meters, but is now an extinct volcano shield.  The area occupied by the Bagisu people also known as the “Bamasaaba” of Uganda on one side and the Masai people on the Kenya side and also source to the Manafwa River. The mountain is named after the Elgeyo tribe, who once lived in huge caves on the south side of the mountain. It was known as "Ol Doinyo Ilgoon" (Breast Mountain) by the Masai and as "Masaaba" on the Ugandan side. It is ideal for both medium and high climbers. Reaching its peak (Wagagai peak) is quite adventurous and interesting. However it is not the best of places to go hiking during the rainy season as it is infamous known these days for the rampant landslides that have claimed lives of many inhabitants of its mountain foot especially in Buduuda area.   

There are also other mountain sites like the Muhabura Mountain in western Uganda which is also an ideal site for mountain hiking for those people scared of distant hiking heights like those of mountain Rwenzori and Elgon. The bewildering ever green canopies of the very African tree species will heal your tire at the end of your hike.